Monday, September 28, 2009

The Town and COUNTRY Bag...and a prayer request...

I'm pretty excited about my new bag on etsy!
It's a new design...I like it much better than former attempts.
Also, yesterday I went with Dad down in our woods...
he drove the lawn tractor down...
I road in the wagon!
hee hee hee...
Sorry it still amuses me!

Mom made me ride down...

because recently I've went to an endocrinologist...

it turns out I have hyperthyroidism...

which means my thyroid is putting out too much thyroid hormone...

which makes pretty much everything my body run too fast...

including my appetite (bigger clothes size)...

and my heart...

hence I can't walk up the hill, because

my poor heart is working harder than it should anyway...

I would appreciate prayers from those of you who know the Lord.





It was so beautiful down there!

I picked up some leaves for my fall decor.

Let me know what y'all think of the new purse design.

(As always, they are available for custom order!)


  1. Oh I know him, and I will have a talk with him in a minute. Take care, listen to your mama, and I pray the docs can get you on a therapy making life easier.

  2. Hey Michelle-
    I have missed "seeing you" on your blog lately. We have a blog we think you'd like; go to and check it out. We think you'd like it! (Gary found it through an agrarian blog he was reading and thought I'd like it, so we're passing it on to you! :-)
    Susan Crank

  3. Hi, you have a lovely blog. I just dropped in from Mia's, and I enjoyed my visit.

    So sorry to hear about your thyroid trouble. I had the same problem many years ago, so I really understand how uncomfortable and miserable it can be.

    Blessings to you, dear friend. May the Lord Jesus touch you and bring healing to your body.

    In His Love,


  4. Susan,
    Sorry I forgot to respond to your comment! I checked out that's great! I'm a follower now. ^_~

  5. Andrea,
    Thank you so much, kind new friend! ^_^ I'm heading over to you blog now!

  6. [:)]...Just happened to pass by your blog..hope you are okay now.


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