Monday, September 28, 2009

The Town and COUNTRY Bag...and a prayer request...

I'm pretty excited about my new bag on etsy!
It's a new design...I like it much better than former attempts.
Also, yesterday I went with Dad down in our woods...
he drove the lawn tractor down...
I road in the wagon!
hee hee hee...
Sorry it still amuses me!

Mom made me ride down...

because recently I've went to an endocrinologist...

it turns out I have hyperthyroidism...

which means my thyroid is putting out too much thyroid hormone...

which makes pretty much everything my body run too fast...

including my appetite (bigger clothes size)...

and my heart...

hence I can't walk up the hill, because

my poor heart is working harder than it should anyway...

I would appreciate prayers from those of you who know the Lord.





It was so beautiful down there!

I picked up some leaves for my fall decor.

Let me know what y'all think of the new purse design.

(As always, they are available for custom order!)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Poultry Pics!

I thought this one turned out really well!
Stinky (the rooster) looks like he has a fro.
ha ha! ^_^ ha ha!
This little hen is my favorite!

"Do you mind?!? I'm trying to eat!"

The 1st Americana egg!!!
(Isn't it cute?)

This is all I have time to post for now...
check back to see the vintage goodies
I got at my favorite antique back on Labor Day!!


I'm so sorry I haven't written a post for such a long time! I'm planning on writing a long one with *lots* of photos...if I get time today.
First I have to:
*Make/Can Spiced Tomato Sauce (before it gets too hot in here!!)
*Finish my niece Abbey's new carseat cover. (Photos to follow!)
*Hem some pants for my Great Grandma (An excellent seamstress in her own right who has handed over her handwork to me...she's 88!)
Soooo I better quit "fartin' around" on the 'puter and get goin'!!!

<3 Michelle