Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Did ya miss me?

Sorry it's been so long!
Aug 15th was my birthday,
and since then it seems like
I've been super busy lately!

I haven't really much of anything to say...
I guess you can just look at this silly old picture.

"Wanna start a band?"

hee hee! ^_~


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FG Choretime apron(s), Iowa, Antiques, Bed & Breakfast...whew!

Just to warn y'all...this is a looooooong post! ^_^
Just listed:
(New sizes!)
I've had a CrAzY busy weekend/ beginning of the week...
Friday we drove out to Iowa for a wedding...
Stayed over night...
Had a fun time!
Sorry for the creepy-ness of this photo.
It was so dark in the hotel room that my pics didn't come out very well.
Stopped for lunch on the way home at
the Iowa Machine Shed.

It was so Gooooood!
I loved the decor...

the waitresses all wore overalls!
(didn't get any photos of them though, woopsies!)
Here's my sister Beth and my niece Abbey...

Isn't she the cuteness!
We had to stop at this antique mall, too...
it was in a beautiful old building...
My momma & daddy...

Lil sister...

I didn't get anything but there were plenty of things
I wouldn't have minded taking home! ^_^

Last night (Monday)
Two of my sisters (Aimee and Kelsey), my cousin Hannah, and I stayed overnight at Mission_Oak_Inn

"A Country Bed and Breakfast"

in Henry, IL.

It was soooo nice!

I (like a dummy) didn't bring my camera so no photos...

Just click on the link to their website to look at their beautiful photos!

For dinner last night we had chicago style was amazing!

For breakfast...Banana Split Crepes!

To die for!

I highly recommend!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

and the winner is...

Christy Lee!
I hope you enjoy your goodies!