Monday, June 15, 2009

Tractor Show!

More later...

Much Luv,

The Hickory Hill FarmGirl


  1. Oh, I am SO glad the girls stood in front of a JD. and not a IH!

  2. Well the paint was perfectly weathered...not too rusty...and not one of the super shiney newly painted puppies. ^_^ I'm actually not racist about different colors of tractor. Although there is just somethin' 'bout JD green! ^_^

  3. Oh Girls, how could you??!....Don't you know that the only color worth driving in the fields is red? Just ask Gary and Gordy!
    Love, Susan C :-)

  4. Hey! I'm equal opportunity tractor long it's American I like it! Plus we have '48 Ford so if were gonna pic prolly be gray&red...^_^


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