Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vintage Organic!

Two of my favorite words can be used together!

Check out what I found at Et Cetera today for...

drumroll please...


Can ya "dig" her hair-do?!?!


  1. Hi!! I didn't know you had a blog and am so delighted to have founds your through your sweet comment you left on mine! Thank you! I'm looking forward to exploring yours more. The organic gardening book looks wonderful. I can't wait to get my garden started this year and am somewhat dismal today because it got cold again. :( God bless!

  2. Just today I bought 7 packets of seeds and 6 4" pots of other vegies. Tomorrow I'll till my garden areas a bit more than sink the roots of the vegie plants into the earth and pray they'll grow. The past couple years our vegies have been 'anemic'. hm. The packets of seeds will be started on Tuesday. Our new neighbor is a single gal who doesn't garden. She has 5 gorgeous raised garden beds and I'm considering asking if I can use that space as well. She can have whatever vegies she wants, I'll use and can the rest. :o)

    Sure hope you like the wash powder. :o)


  3. Ooo jAne...that sounds wonderful! I've got some heirloom tomato seedlings off to a good start in my window. My soil has a lot of clay in it so I have to work lots of good stuff like compost and aged chicken poo in for anything to grow. I do think you should ask about the raised'd be a shame to let 'um go to waste!

    I'm gonna make the laudry powder tomorrow! I'm so excited!! :D


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